Can someone proofread this essay?

Heroes (Essay #5)How interesting and exciting would life be without the existence of heroes? Heroes are found in the daily life of almost every individual. They come in wide varieties that vary from firefighters to mothers. In Greek mythology there are many stories of heroes with great feats that are honored for one reason or another. Some of these heroes would even make great role models in today’s world. Take Heracles for example. Heracles was a great leader in teaching men to work hard to achieve greatness. He, like normal everyday people, made mistakes. Sure, he made greater mistakes than the average Joe would, such as killing children (which was more Hera’s fault than his own) and pushing his half-brother off a cliff. What made his an admirable figure was the fact that he atoned for these mistakes and sought redemption. He would be honored today for his dedication and hard work. However, heroes can be admired for other reasons than just display of hard work. Meleager proved himself courteous and respectful to women in the myth of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. He could have acted like the other men and rejected the idea of a women fighting beside him, but he respected Atalanta’s wishes to fight. Meleager also gave her the skin of the boar as a prize for being the fighter who first drew blood from the animal. Respectfulness to women in men is a trait that is thought highly of, and therefore makes Meleager a perfect role model for today’s society. Meleager wasn’t the only hero that demonstrated respect in Greek mythology, Antigone’s emerges to be a hero of great character as well. Meleager may have respected women but Antigone showed respect for the dead. She believed that under any circumstances, the dead should receive proper burials. When she arrived back to the city and found her brother lying on the ground rotting, it saddened her. She was not about to let the king stop her from burying Polyneice. By disobeying the rule of the king, Antigone as well fell to her death. Her legend of respect for the dead continues to live on and can be represented by the funeral ceremonies that take place today. A hero can be strong like Heracles or just have good displays of moral character. Unlike the other heroes in Greek mythology, Heracles, Meleager, and Antigone because they weren’t arrogant (like Orpheus), they get big-headed and try to live with the gods (like Bellerophon), and didn’t try to fight their fate (like Oedipus). These three heroes would benefit and teach great lessons in present day life because they all worked for the greater good.

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