Does this college essay sound sincere and from the heart?

There is something about belly dancing that is amazing to me. The first time I saw a live belly dancing show, I was mesmerized. I wanted to emulate the way the belly dancers made every hip lift and wrist circle, all the meanings behind each move; the way the coins on the hip wrap softly collided against each other seemed to define a woman’s confidence, story, and who she is. I wanted to belly dance!My mother, who had gone with me to see the show, shared my deep admiration for the belly dance, or raqs sharqi. She admired the colors and textures of the costumes, the soft drumming of the Middle Eastern music; as did I. It didn’t take but a few discussions over the course of a week before we were both signed up for classes at Sahara Dance studio.At first, I was a bit apprehensive about taking classes with my mother. After all, we weren’t very close, especially since my parents’ recent divorce put an unfortunate strain on the family. When my mother and I moved out of my father’s house and into our new apartment in Chevy Chase, I had hope things would be different; that life wouldn’t be as quiet and sad anymore.When we first walked into Sahara Dance’s tiny but glamorously decorated studio, I could tell that my mother was just as nervous as I was. However, we quickly relaxed after our teacher warmly welcomed us to her class. As I looked around the studio, I saw eight or nine ordinary women of all ethnicities and sizes. Although each one of them had some sort of imperfection, they were all beautiful in dance. As my own self-conscious insecurities quickly dissolved amongst this accepting, beautifully imperfect environment, I learned to dance for the first time. My mother and I discovered how to isolate different parts of the body -- hips, shoulders, chest, stomach -- and making them move independently. We learned how to shimmy our hips, lift our hips in hits and undulate gracefully. It was hard to master intricate moves such as "belly twists," but the joy of accomplishment made it worthwhile.With every passing week, I always looked forward to my Saturday afternoon dance classes. I felt that belly dance now had a deeper meaning to me beyond its surface: It gave me the opportunity to bond with my mother. I loved our long conversations while driving to class and joking and laughing with her during stretching time. We would talk excitedly after each class, then practice our moves at home; encouraging each other, groaning at sore muscles, and laughing at mistakes. It had been a while since my mother and I had a good laugh together, and through belly dance, I felt that we grew much closer.As our relationship became stronger, so did our mutual appreciation for belly dance. We started to understand a greater aspect of belly dance and how it made flaws beautiful. I realized that terrible things like my parents’ divorce and the breaking apart of my family had beautiful outcomes, like how belly dance helped restore my relationship with my mother.

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2 Answers to “Does this college essay sound sincere and from the heart?”

  1. welshes says:

    Of course (:Very good essay, I might add!

  2. differentiators says:

    I loved it! It sounds *very* sincere!Good luck to you, I know this will get you a high grade! =]