I am going to university, but i don’t want a course/career sitting at a desk all day!?

i love education, currently i am 19 years old in second year College as an Undecided Major. i am planning to attend university, but i HATE sitting all day doing essays, reading, and doing reasearch. And im scared a University education will land my a job doing the same stuff since they say University is not ON HANDS EDUCATION. my question is what course is not all bookwork, OR what career ( needing a uni education) is not all deskwork?

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2 Answers to “I am going to university, but i don’t want a course/career sitting at a desk all day!?”

  1. seabook says:

    If you dont want a job at a desk theres plenty of other options for you. You can take forestry (where you work outside all day), you do outdoor education (do things like being a tutor guide, camp leader, instructor for outdoors) You be an excerise instructor. You do cooking. Im trying to think what else you might be able to do…i dont know this is all i can think of for now. Maybe you can think of some more…

  2. interdental says:

    the university of life is a good start, and don’t plan on working more than half your life,, 30% is good