Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?

I want the hidden agenda to be something about society that a grumpy old man would care about. Nothing about healthcare, medicare, etc...

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2 Answers to “Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?”

  1. suprasternal says:

    Maybe how society doesn’t value old people anymore. You know, how other cultures value old age and wisdom…American society tends to value youth and beauty.

  2. pipemouth says:

    How about the old man sees that the youths are too proud of their wrong values.. for example: being too materialistic, or no more dignity in ladies who take their chastity for granted, or committing to the ideology that getting married itself is more important than living a married life.