R’S: Great for trolls and dumb-dumbs, not great for good replies?

This is easily the section with the most ignorant dumb-dumbs with insufficient attention span to write more than one sentence. I'm tired of one sentence answers or things completely irrelevant to what I ask. I asked why people give one sentence answers, and one of the most thumbed up comment was "If it's too long nobody will read" THE ASKER WILL READ YOU IDIOT. I have given some extremely long essays to people before and have received best answer because of them on this section.I don't mind short answers or dumb or troll replies to dumb question, but seriously, when someone takes the time to write a nice question, take the time to write a nice response. /rant

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8 Answers to “R’S: Great for trolls and dumb-dumbs, not great for good replies?”

  1. pillmaking says:

    ok@ five toed sloth: I think it is based more on quantity of answers than quality. I’ve had the TC badge for a while now and I just troll for the most part.

  2. researcher says:

    We enjoy speaking in tongues! You should try! Is verry nice.

  3. enclose says:

    If I see a question will horrible grammar and spelling, I will not put in any effort for it. If the concept of paragraphs is beyond the asker, I will not bother reading the text wall. If it is clearly a cut and paste “question” I will put the same 0 effort in answering the stolen rant.If I see an intelligent question, I am willing to put in some effort responding. But the 100th time I see the same question, I really do not care to put in that effort. Askers should check to see if the question was asked recently and should check those answers first.Your questions are what I consider intelligent trolling questions. You do not want to ask for a differing opinion, you want to belittle Christians and make your rant. You will not care what I say, you will respond to an atheist who agrees with you. So why should I bother with you? I consider you slightly better than a Creationist, if only because your will have proper spelling.

  4. locus says:

    I like turtles.

  5. parameterless says:

    Did you know that E.R.F. was Foden`s brother?

  6. palpebration says:


  7. burgonets says:

    Yup.Edit – hey, where did that “top contributor” thingy come from? I’m one of the worst answerers on this site!

  8. Insectivora says:

    yes the asker will read it, but most people arent writing it so the asker will read it they are writing it so everyone else will and give them tu’, aye, sad as it is its kinda like a popularity contest, which is why so many tud that answeri think people give one line answers if they think it fits the q, if they dont think the asker wants too much info, or iif they are just not in the mood to write a lot