Can some score my SAT essay please? the prompt: is truth not objective but rather comes from individuals?

The basis of truth comes from the perspective of an individual is not quite accurate. One many come to the conclusion that they obtain enough proof to explain for example an action, In the end however, the inner purpose of the action is the entire truth which cannot be solved merely through research.Take for instance the well known novel To Kill A Mockingbird. The main storyline displays that the society tends to blame those who pertain a lower rank. In this novel the lower rank character, Tom Robinson, is suspected to an abuse case which did not proceed in. Through various trials trying to portray his innocence, Tom eventually was proven not guilty merely from the fact that the victim was abused by her father. The townsmen and jury came to the conclusion that the this particular evidence proved his freedom and explained the whole story. What the cast of people seem be missing is the truth behind the abuse. By not answering questions to why the abuse even occurred or what was the purpose of this incident, the townsmen are blinded from the truth.Going back in the era of the Salem Witch Trial presents yet another example of truth being an objective. A group of women during the time stirred up an idea of blaming those they hated in possessing magical powers. Through constant attack and lies, the women managed to put the innocent victims on trial, eventually leading to the victims death. After much consideration, the people who were condemning the deaths came to the conclusion that after all the magical powers had been merely a set up. All though the set up had been discovered, none of the people know why these false claims came about in the first place.The truth is something that tends to hinder itself from human nature but instead offers others to come up with ideas leading to somewhat of a truth. Through discovering the innocence of a man or figuring that magic's existence had been false only provides information which individuals seem to come to peace at last. By acknowledge the purpose of a happening and answering all question is when one might be a step closer to the truth.

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3 Answers to “Can some score my SAT essay please? the prompt: is truth not objective but rather comes from individuals?”

  1. ALDA says:

    Out of a maximum score of 6, I’d honestly give this a 2 or 3.1. Use the 1-20-4 rule: Spend 1 minute outlining your essay, 20 minutes writing, and 4 minutes to revise your work. Use the 4 minutes to try and incorporate a few good vocab words that would add to the complexity of your essay.2. Many of your sentences don’t make sense either because the syntax (sentence structure) is awkward or you switched your thought in the midst of writing. Make sure you save time to reread your work! It really makes all the difference.3. Your inclusion of To Kill a Mockingbird (the graders love classic novels and Shakespeare) and facts about the Salem Witch trials made you seem credible and knowledgeable. However, make sure you write clearly and analytically. Do not just give a plot summary of the novel. You must draw connections to your thesis.4. TRY, TRY, TRY to have 5 paragraphs! I good essay can be only four, but the SAT graders love to see a well-crafted introduction (with a concise but pithy thesis), 3 well-argued body paragraphs, and a conclusion that not only restates your thesis, but also ties the essay together with a nice satin bow. :) I suggest you purchase a book called “7 Days to a Better SAT Score” by David Gruenbaum. It’s a great book and actually helped boost my overall score by over 100 points.Hope this helps!

  2. unvassal says:

    If I was honestly grading you I would give you a 1 or 2. That being said, I think this was a rather tough prompt with can be confusing if you don’t really look at it. It’s asking whether truth is based on facts or on the emotion or perceptions of people. You misinterpreted the quote, but used two perfectly good examples of how to prove that truth comes from them emotion of individuals, but you used them poorly. You could have argued that although there was so much facts and scientific evidence that should have proven the innocence of both Tom and the women from Salem, the jury in both cases were blind of the facts due to their extreme prejudices. In the book, blacks were seen as vile human beings, subhumans. One of the biggest taboos in society was a black man taking advantage of an innocent and wholesome white women. Even though Tom had a perfectly reasonable alibi, and all the evidence was in favor of Tom’s release, the prejudices of the jury overpowered the truth. Then you can talk about the same sort of things with the Witch trials.Also, you need to tighten up your sentences, and make the language clearer for the reader. With a lot of work, you’ll be able to improve your writing and do well on the SATs. Good luck and hope this helped.

  3. alkalised says:

    If you are asking for a grade out of 6 which is what an SAT essay grader would give, I would give it around a 3 or 4. The purpose of the SAT essay isn’t to see how well you can write, but rather to see how well you can answer a question and support it with examples. Basically, they want you to say yes or no, and then say why. You have a structured essay with an intro, conclusion and two body paragraphs, but you still have not completely answered the question. The question basically asks whether truth is objective (based on fact, and not influenced by personal feelings), or subjective (based entirely off of perception and the respective individual’s feelings). Although your examples are good, you seem have skipped around actually pulling them together into an argument. The last sentences on each paragraph should say why the example proves truth is subjective, not just a summary of the argument you just provided. You do, however, have SAT level vocab and this, along with your structure, should merit you at least a 3 or 4.You don’t need to worry about sounding that intelligent in your essays, so don’t worry about how you can tie literature or history into your essay. I used all personal examples and examples from society in my essay and I got a 12/12. It is actually much easier than you think, because I thought I sucked at essays and I got a 2/12 on my first practice test. The best thing to spend no less than 4 minutes planning out your essay and picking three strong examples. After you find your examples, plan in your head, or quickly on paper, how you are going to tie them to the argument. Then focus entirely on having an intro that introduces your points, three quick body paragraphs that support your “yes” or “no” answer, and a conclusion that sums up your three points, rather than how you feel about the topic. You want to seem as though you knew exactly what you were going to say from the first sentence of your essay, which is why showing your examples in the intro helps. The best advice I can give to you is to practice more and more, until every essay you write has a clear thesis, three strong examples, and a clear conclusion. DONT worry about reading books to give you good examples. You don’t need to sound smart, because they have a strict rubric to follow for grading. All you need to do is give them what they want and you can get an easy 12. If you haven’t taken a course yet I strongly suggest taking one. They don’t try to teach you how to be smarter, but they teach you how to answer SAT questions. I am sure that I am not any smarter than I was before my class, but I know my score is at leasy 150 points higher than it would have been without the class.