How many wars are going on right now?

I can't find real facts that i can use for essay. Please let me know if you know the numbers or where i can find them.I need facts that are from .org .edu or .govFacts that i can trust.Thank You.

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4 Answers to “How many wars are going on right now?”

  1. complainer says:

    35……that’s 35 too many.

  2. Acmispon says:

    I don’t think you will get an accurate number from a trustworthy source.For one thing, many that we think of as wars are merely long drawn out battles, or skirmishes. Some are hundreds of years old, some will never stop.Many are not even declared as wars, but have all the signs of war.I would be surprised to find a site with a list.Edit: I surprised myself, I found one, but they are listed as “Ongoing Conflicts”.It’s an excellent article, with all the documentation you need, it actually lists each and every one, and gives background on each: [external link] …

  3. spasmolytic says:

    Too many.

  4. bao says:

    a lot mostly in the middle east because of usa invasions evreybody has joined in while soliders are getting killed and childern losing thier parents and homes, some people say it still is a good cause