I Need a title for an essay…?

I am writing an essay for my history class about guns on college campuses. The essay describes the views from both sides of the issue and then ends with my own opinion. I don't think guns should be allowed on campus. I need a funny, ironic, or quirky title that fits my essay.BQ: If you disagree with my opinion tell me why. It will help :P

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  1. aigrets says:

    Ummmm..1. “let kids be kids. give them guns!”2. “Killing Colleges: Guns”3. “This Is Why I Don’t Want To Go To College”4. “Guns vs. Hugs”5. “Peace and Guns” or maybe “Peace and Ammuniton” or you could replace “and” with “not”so yeah that’s just off the top of my head.. sorry if they suck.