Some facts about factory farming? Please don’t ignore my questions.?

I need to add to my argumentative essay about factory farming. I need some facts about the costs of organic meat and poultry vs. factory farmed meat and poultry. My subconclusion on my first argument is that Humans dont need to torture animals to get their food a few cents cheaper. My first claim that I have in my argument is that cage free eggs would cost only 1 cent more per egg. But what are some realistic costs. I am against factory farming. So my facts need to argue that even though it may be cheaper to maintain a factory farm, it is not healthy for the animals, its is inhumane to the animals and it is unhealthy for us to eat, since the animals are over medicated, and around all sorts of pesticides. Most people ignore my questions so I hope someone can help me for once.

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  1. phonotypy says:

    an organic or a mass operation that supplies KFC with chickens in mass quantitiesboth must persuade consumers to BUY their product,,,,if you cannot persuade a food retailer,or wholesaler to do this so as to make money,,your worthwhile enetrprise will not last might propose that minimal,or no antibiotics,growth hormones in poultry make a good food sourceat a competetive price vs factories that have zillions of the lil cluckers.for the prices,you might inquire at farmers wholsale outlets that are all around the country,talk with the farmers themselves,they always like to jaw bout prices 7 stuff.these pricesare often proprietary info,not available to the general public

  2. brackebuschite says:

    There’s a book called “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollen that will give you more arguments than you could possibly need against factory farming.

  3. InfiNet says:

    They are not ignoring your question. They don’t know the answer. I also have no idea on the costs comparisons between the two kinds of farming.This links may help: [external link] …