To Kill A Mockingbird essay?

does anyone have any ideas for an essay on why Jem had the most significant change out of all the main characters? if u've done the essay b4 and could send it to me that would definitely helpi read the book its just so goddamm confusing!

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  1. overfreedom says:

    its a great book i know that much, there are some great internet sites if you look on google

  2. Incarvillea says:

    Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch is Scout’s older brother. Jem undergoes crucial transformations in the work as he becomes a teenager. The trial of Tom Robinson is Jem’s first real encounter with injustice, and the realization of its existence drives him into a sullen state. Prior to this, he had viewed the world innocently, thinking of people as one-sided. He viewed Boo Radley, for example, as a frightening figure. Jem was able to overcome his sullenness due to the strong presence of Atticus in his life, and became a bigger person as he achieved a greater understanding of the world and how to view and treat other human beings. He also grew distant from Scout, as opposed to their closeness at the begining of the novel, who he often asked to act more like a lady as the book progresses

  3. garnishees says:

    iv’e studied this book 2 times in school, but i never wrote the essay. thats why i took it twice.but jem changed a lot from seeing his dad shoot that dog, being attacked, seeing poverty stricken people, and racism. also how black people are just as nice as anyone else. plus he meets the guy who drinks coke in a paper bag.

  4. matris says:

    The book is not confusing. You think you can mooch an essay off of someone? Don’t count on it and don’t be lazy.