How to replace the word “is” in my essays.?

I'm having trouble, well my teacher doesnt want the word "is" in our essays(he thinks its taboo), but i have a lot of them. Can someone help me find a genral way to get rid of them?Ex) A soliloquy is when a person reveals his inner most thoughts. Ex) When a soliloquy is being brought up into a play, it gives the effect of how the person is thinking at that moment.

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8 Answers to “How to replace the word “is” in my essays.?”

  1. wcccnet says:

    first of all your teacher is weirdyou are only not supposed to use is in personal essays when you must show and not tellbut if you must get rid of themyou could saya soliloquy reveals a person’s inner most thoughtsa soliloquy can be brought up into a play to give the….just take out the part of the sentence that has the is in itit almost always makes sense

  2. lockups says:

    How about this:When a person reveals his inner most thoughts, we call it a soliloquy.When a writer includes soliloquy in a play, it has the effect of revealing the person’s thoughts at that moment.

  3. computa says:

    for Ex.1A soliloquy occurs when a person reveals his inner most thoughtsfor Ex.2When a soliloquy presents itself into a play……orAuthors often use soliloquies in their work in order to communicate the character’s current state of mind.

  4. distortions says:

    Soliloquy: a person revealing his inner most thoughts.When we bring a soliloquy into play, it gives the effect of a person’s thoughts at that moment.

  5. monobasicity says:

    Ex: Examples of soliloquy’s are….

  6. Taurotragus says:

    I think your teacher is trying to get you to be more articulate and use more “flowery” words instead of is…is…is.There really exists (instead of “is’) no formula or word to replace “is” in every situation…it depends on the context of the sentence. In your examples: 1. A soliloquy allows(?) a person to reveal their inner-most thoughts. 2. Introducing a soliloquy into a play, reflects the person’s thoughts at the moment.You just need to play around with the words and see how else the sentence can be structured. Sometimes you might need to re-arrange the entire sentence (as in the above examples) but it usually ends up sounding better than just using “is” over and over. a little practice and you’ll get it.(Look ma! No “is” in that whole answer. Isn’t that great…ohhh shooot)

  7. ucla-cs says:

    Rediculous teacher, cant give general answer but for the above:A soliloquy can be used as a tool in a play to allow a person to reveal his inner most thoughtsSorry not to be more help

  8. goin says:

    A soliloquy reveals a person’s inner most thoughtsA person reveals his inner most thoughts in a soliloquyUsing a soliloquy gives insight into what the person thinksIt has to do with verb tense