I dont understand this? why would we be suspicious of computers?

We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits? - ok so this is the thing i dont get, what would we be suspicious? is it because personal info can get into the internet? or why? i want to writte an essay on it but i dont know why we'd be suspicious? plz give me some ideas! 10 points for best answer!

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2 Answers to “I dont understand this? why would we be suspicious of computers?”

  1. Portor says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily be suspicious of computer–I’d be more suspicious of what MAN can do with computers. More specifically, their use to pry into our private lives. For instance, gov’ts want to get in the business of recording phone calls, emails, text messages–anything sent across the Internet and store it in a database. The computers are just storing that information–it’s what people do with computers that makes one suspicious.

  2. misrien says:

    maybe because of what the computer has become, its like we depend on them for everything now just like we do our arms and legs. we should be suspicious not because of the computer itself but suspicious of the potential or the power that one can have when they are on one. how many times have you heard how someone has hacked into this or that even the military is not off limits and you know why kind of security they must have. so to me we should be very very suspicious because of terrorist and all other groups of people that want to do harm to other innocent people. so i guess the bottom line is no matter what is invented people will always find a way for it to be used in a negative way. its like the world as it is now will always be on the outside looking in!