Should there be a Palestinian State?

I am writing an essay on weather or not there should be a palestinian state and I need three good reason as to why Palestine shoule be a state and I also need good refrence so if you do give me three good reasons that fine but resoruse and factual information would work better!

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7 Answers to “Should there be a Palestinian State?”

  1. resounder says:

    absolutely, it is of course their land their country before England gave some of it to the Jews who may not even be Jewish , (DNA)most of them come from Europe and act like the Europeans they lived w/ ,taking land . genocide. they have become the new SS. the Palestinians have been there since the beginning, they did not leave to better pastures and come back after 2 thousand years and say this was mine get out. what if other people did this like the American Indians.this Jewish state is propped up by the USA and religious Xtain right.

  2. menaces says:

    Yes, there should be, but you need to research and reason this out for youself. This topic is very lively, and research should take you all of 20 minutes to come up with what you need.

  3. Turnerian says:

    The palestinians are only puppets of the arabs to continuee the hatred and vitriole against jews and christians gho ahead give them a state and they will run that into the ground too

  4. cipherable says:

    The Palestinians can petition the UN for Statehood any time they want to.They could have petitioned the UN for Statehood at anytime over the last 59 years.Petitions for Statehood go to the General Assembly, not the Security Council, so no nation could veto it.The reason they haven’t, is they really truly believe that somehow, some way, they will drive the Jews out of Israel.And if the petition for Statehood, claiming Gaza and the West bank as the State of Palestine,Then they will defacto be recognizing the State of Israel and it’s claim to the land it is on.And we all know the Hamas Government of the Palestinians, will never recognize Israel’s right to exist.

  5. heirdoms says:

    Try reading former President Carter book on the subject. it will take lots of time deciding three reason from thousands given. Should you not then try these: Same reason Isreal was created; It has been promised for fifty years; we need stability.

  6. bottekin says:

    Yes, there should be a Palestinan state for the following reasons:1- Initially is it there land, so they deserve to have a state.2- To establish peace in the region. After decades of war, it is time to have peace. Peace can not be established by the current existing situation, as it is not a fair distribution. So by having a state, this would be more reasonable situation and peace will be all over the place as there will be no problem of occupied land.3- No nation is ever built on religous belives. In any country in the world you can find Christians, musliems and non belivers, all in one country and have equal rights. But currently in the occupied land this is not the case, as palestinane people does not have any rights or authorities. So they are left only with one option which is not good for the peace in the region. I can not point you to one place for factual information. As most of the places are totally biased to one side. However, you can read about the history and what happened in 1930′s and 1940′s which lead to the current situation over there. Good luck.

  7. tetrarchic says:

    Good reasons can be found, however questions can be better then answers, Please ask you teacher this, “why was not a Palestinian state established between 1948 and 1967?.Jordan Controlled the West Bank, as did Egypt Gaza. Why Could not The Arab countries, absorbed Palestine refugees, as did Israel, The Jews expelled from the Arab Lands?.Good Luck With your essay