What did Hercules do to become a hero?

I need to write a hero essay and I was given the topic of Hercules. yuck. but anyway, iv'e read the mythology book and i googled hercules and everything and i dont understand why hes such a hero. mythology and my brain do not go together. SOOO will someone please put why hercules is a hero in simple words (and their own words) because i need to know someone thinks personally rather than some confsing summary. Also, please tell me what all he did while being a hero. like, a list of the good things he did to make people think he was a good person.

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2 Answers to “What did Hercules do to become a hero?”

  1. scialytic says:

    Hercules did what is called The Twelve Labors of Hercules. He did these things because he felt guilty for killing his wife and children (he was taken over by Hera and killed them) so he worked for Eurystheus who ordered him to do the labors.here is a link to detailed (well good enough) paragraphs about the 12 labors [external link] …

  2. align says:

    i don’t know if he did anything good but he killed some monsters. he was sent to kill some thigs for his test, he was a hero cause he did it. he was the son of zues, makes him special.he went crazy and killed his brother, so to atone he must undergo the 12 trials. i know one of the trials was when he cut off medusas head but i never read it.