Can someone tell me some of the sugars that are in regular sodas that are not in diet sodas?

I'm doing a science project about if people can tell the difference between diet and regular sodas and i need a two page essay with background info about my project.

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2 Answers to “Can someone tell me some of the sugars that are in regular sodas that are not in diet sodas?”

  1. UniSoft says:

    diet sodas do not have sugar. they could have aspartame or similar sugar substitutes. sodas have sugar, high fructose corn syrup, caramel (mostly for color), and maybe just corn syrup. some have dextrose and fructose as well.

  2. screeman says:

    Diet sodas do not typically use natural sugars. They almost always contain sugar substitutes. Regular sodas contain, cane or beet sugar, corn syrup or other naturally derived sweeteners.