I am writing an essay about my mother..in my essay i wrote that i did a big mistake.?

and yet she didn't blame me. i cried for my mistakes and for her great heart for not even blame me...how should i describe my cry and my mom's cried?

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3 Answers to “I am writing an essay about my mother..in my essay i wrote that i did a big mistake.?”

  1. vividiffusion says:

    Just write about how you felt and say that you cried. The more honest and vulnerable you are, the better. That’s what makes for good personal essay writing–emotion.

  2. Guzul says:

    I faced her in fear, but even as my mistake was made known her heart remained pure and no angry words left her mouth. I never thought how horrible I could feel from not being blamed. It made me feel guilty, and I hated it. I wondered if my mother knew that I’d feel this way, if she stayed silent because she knew it would make me feel worse then I would if she yelled at me. My mother was always like that, to great a heart to hate or be mean. Some days she makes me feel so bad I cry, as though my heart can’t take all the guilt and I’d wish she’d yell at me, tell me how wrong and bad I was. That I should be ashamed of what I did. But she never does and I never stop feeling the guilt.Hope I heled ! =]

  3. ourebis says:

    wait, what?