Is Greed good for the American economy?

I am writing an essay on this and my two points are yes because it has helped the American economy grow and because it follows the goals of Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest). I need a 3rd point. Do you think these two are effective? and also what is a good third point?

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5 Answers to “Is Greed good for the American economy?”

  1. BYU/WAC says:

    Greed created the economic collapse of 2008. Social Darwinism is a misnamed fallacy. Your argument is looking pretty weak so far.

  2. lupins says:

    Well, you might want to mention some of the things that can influence consumers to be compulsive–such as materialism, ego, and distorted views of what are legitimate family values. I hope that helps. Good luck with your essay.

  3. banjoists says:

    The system works on greed and would fall apart without it.

  4. ricki's says:

    Greed is essential in creating a plutarchy, which is a class of people so wealthy they have a significant amount of political and social control. Once a plutarchy is established, society can be molded to best suit the needs of the plutarchs, sometimes creating situations that most would consider unethical. This allows the economy to be less restrained by ethics.

  5. mehtar says:

    Greed is a normative word that implies “too much”. But, then that begs the question, “what is too much”? Is Steve Jobs being “greedy” by making too many iPhones that people want to buy? Was Sam Walton being “greedy” for making shopping less expensive? Much better to use the term that Adam Smith used: “self-interest”. That’s simply an empirical fact.