Song research related to problems in society?

I need 3 songs that talk about major problems/issues over the last 5 year. The songs can be what ever genre possible. And for those of you who think I'm asking you to do my homework. Your not. I have to write 3 essays, one for each. I just need help with the song finding.

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2 Answers to “Song research related to problems in society?”

  1. mugwumpery says:

    Skillet – Looking for Angels

  2. toolmaking says:

    Rise Against did Help is on the Way (Hurricane Katrina); then Green Day always has great protest-type stuff “Holiday”, “21 Guns”, “Know Your Enemy” . . listen to them and you could pick something to go with that song. The Green Day ones are vague enough. Politics, war, gangs, etc, Good luck!