What do I do if I dont get accepted to any law schools this year?!?! :o?

Ok, I graduated from college last year, "studied" for the LSAT, then took it in December. My score was pure crap, so I took in again in February and I had to cancel it (its a long story). I still sent out my applications, hoping that one of the 25 schools would still like me, but it hasnt happened yet. I have 19 rejections, waiting on 1 and 5 waitlisted schools (although I only care about 2 or 3 of them). I already took a year off, optionally...but I feel like such a pathetic bum now! I feel like my family wont be proud of me...like I'm a complete failure. I've cried more times than I care to remember. I'm praying to God for a miracle! I'm adding some more info to my apps on the waitlists (essay, prior work and letters of rec). Law school has been my dream and I dont want to change that! BUT, what do I do if law school doesnt work out this year? I'll be sooo embarrassed in front of everyone! :o( Please tell me your thoughts, suggestions, words of wisdom!

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8 Answers to “What do I do if I dont get accepted to any law schools this year?!?! :o?”

  1. moveableness says:

    be a paralegal. do that for awhile until you feel confident in your knowledge of law then take the lsat again and re-apply for law school

  2. disfigure says:

    To combine the two answers above mine, I would suggest applying again next year. But in the meantime, try to find a job as a paralegal. It will give a boost to your law school resume and help you to do better once you do get into law school.

  3. censoriously says:

    try again next year, dont give up

  4. Noachic says:

    If you don’t get accepted, you’ll have to try again, if laws are really what you want :) And by the looks of it, you’d really like to get accepted! The best thing I can advice you is to try really hard, study a lot, maybe hire a private tutor! And if you think you just don’t want to try anymore, think of another career or lifestyle you would want to have and be happy with :) ! Hope this helps, good luck and take care!

  5. agiel says:

    If law school is your dream then don’t give up. Many people get rejected all the time. Study for the LSAT again and retake it. Dreams are meant to be reached. You have to go for it! Don’t give up. Determination is something to be proud of. Your family will be proud of you as long as you try your best. You can do it!Best of luck!

  6. stagewright says:

    If you’re not a complete idiot you can get into law school if you apply sufficient resolve. Don’t quit, continue studying, perhaps see if you can get a job in a law office to give you some background, perhaps as a paralegal.Personally, I suspect studying again for the LSAT and retaking it will help more than prayer. If you find that certain aspects of the LSAT are hard for you, try to improve specifically in those areas.

  7. Percheron says:

    I can feel your pain with the competive market of higher education. After finishing my Master’s degree, I applied to 7 different PhD programs. All seven rejected me. I took a year off to teach and applied again the following year to 5 schools. Of the 5, two accepted me. I am currently studying at one of them and am near the end of my degree. In struggles like these, I always remember the life of Abraham Lincoln who failed at so many things before becoming one of the best Presidents in the history of the United States. It seems that those who are the greatest success stories have more than average amounts of failure. You say, “I’ll be sooo embarrassed in front of everyone” but you should be proud that you are even attempting this. Apathy and being complacent are much more horrid things than failure. A Japanese proverb states, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

  8. jessamin says:

    I would think that you should just wait on the last few applications and prepare to apply next fall as well. Take the LSAT again and increase your score.I hope that you have been working for the last year while preparing to take the LSAT and applying to schools. Money is a wonderful commodity in law school, since most students are attending on loans. Two years of savings will make you look like one of the rich kids in law school, assuming you are going to a state school or one in the lower half.If you are working, don’t feel like a bum. Law school is a drag, a lot of work with a questionable return. And trying to sugar coat it just doesn’t work: most law students are depressed by Halloween of their first year. If you haven’t already, read OneL by Scott Turow. It’s the story of his first year of law school, and it’s excellent. You just have to take out the context of it having been written in the mid-70′s, and focus on what is going on in the class and in his head and with his relationships. Being a couple of years older is a benefit in law school. Don’t be embarrassed to be going through this; the actual three years is embarrassing enough.