Can you me think of a topic that reflects upon healthy & unhealthy relationships?!?

I can't seem to think of a topic I could elaborate on for even 1/2 a page, nevermind 3. I'm really stuck here, and this is for my essay due next week in case you're wondering.Some themes are:-Honesty-Social Maturity-A Role Model-Regrets-A Generation Gap-A Childhood Event-A Miscommunication & the list goes on.All ideas are welcomed!

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2 Answers to “Can you me think of a topic that reflects upon healthy & unhealthy relationships?!?”

  1. mongoloid says:

    Sexual Abuse Divorcebeing moved around a lot as a childdomestic abusedrug useunemployment within the family.Sheesh I dunno

  2. aeroscopic says:

    healthy relationship should be honest with good communication, open and mutual love and respect. An unhealthy relationship could be unrequited love, when you love someone and they don’t love you, the most painful thing in the world believe me and there’s a lot you can write about their. incredibly painful and soul destroying. things need to be mutual, honest open and in a balance for a healthy relationship. something thats not addictive, like you feel you need more all the time even though its bad for you? such as craving attention from someone who doesn’t feel the same, write about unrequited love ! its obsession is harder to break than a heroin addiction, thats why nearly every pop song in the industry is about love and the feelings involved