Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?

hi ive got an english essay to write about "Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today"what do you think about it and could you give me some examples or ads that are appropriate and inappropriate.thns so much xx

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6 Answers to “Does advertising use the wrong images in our society today (an easy 10 points)?”

  1. nurturable says:

    i’m not sure what you mean by wrong, as in the content is it suitable to all ages? are some racists/sexist?well if you look at some of the charity advertisements, some of the images there are disturbing or too explisit. i mean, they’re powerful images which get the point across well and make the audience empathise with them (therefore wanting to give to charity), but many people call in to complain about the content of them. for example, a while ago there were some adverts on tv to help people stop smoking, quite disturbing really, and it was on the news (in the UK this was, im not sure about the US, but you could still research some advertisements that were banned or were almost banned) that hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people were calling in to stop it. eventually it got banned. also you have the problem of the models in magazines today, encouraging anorexia/bulemia to young people today. there’s another idea for you to explore. good luck on ye essay.

  2. scapula says:

    a lot of ads use women as sex objects… like deodorant for example…some deodorant companies have half naked women in their ads in magazines, like in their underwear and bra…i dont get that.

  3. unsalvaged says:

    Yes. Ok this is probably not a good one…. but to me it’s not necessary that is “when people are advertising work out equipment or diet pills I don’t think that showing these sexy models to advertise in bikinis is right. Even though as they say using this product will make u look like this, I think that is a little bit extreme.

  4. sulfomethylic says:

    The condom commercial, can’t remember the brand, where all the guys are pigs, then the 1 guy is a guy because he uses a condom. Inappropriate and stupid, he’s still a pig cause he’s a manwhore. He should be using a condom to protect himself from disease and pregnancy and females should insist on this,it should be a given, not try to make him some kind of hero or handsome prince. It’s a huge load of b.s.

  5. zarzuela says:

    can you remember the united colors of Benetton ads. [external link] … Scroll down to the middle of the page…. that’s where all the interesting stuff is…………..

  6. warrenn says:

    ya advertising these days using bad images ….its just a souce to make ur product popular but these images or scenes jus making the product dirty and vulgur…….just take an example of the axe deo add…..its a deoderant add so its clear that u should focus on fragrance …….but they r using bad scenes which emphasis boys to use it jus to get grls……..also children who see these adds get bad effect on there mind and can take a big step now also….