I need help with this sentence in grammer!?

Alright well I got to do a essay on running and I got stuck on this sentence.Lastly, running can be done anytime so it could easily fit in the people's schedule.I can not use any contractions so what is another world for people's?Reword the sentence if you want to.

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3 Answers to “I need help with this sentence in grammer!?”

  1. paraxonic says:

    Other words for people: humans, folk, mankind, everybody, populationI think you could use (anyone) instead of (people’s).

  2. hydrogenization says:

    “Lastly, running does not require a set schedule, and can therefore be done at any time.” BTW, your spelling needs some help as well; it’s “g-r-a-m-m-a-r”.

  3. aposepalous says:

    Lastly, since running can be done any time, most people could easily fit it into their schedules.