A few Conspiracy theories?

We are doing an essay on conspiracy theory, and I want to do a really interesting one that not many know about. Here are some I know that aren't known everywhere-Nazi's had their own UFOsRussians have recently invented a ray gun that turns people into zombies (kind of known) When hospitals give/draw blood they insert chips that can be used to control our minds by the governmentand thats about all i know :/ Give me a few more? Nothing to do with 911 or anything well known, but things that maybe have to do with something involved with the government (nothing obvious or such) but anything will do :) just no urban legends :)

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  1. mallien says:

    Off the top of my head…and I’m not sure if it’s too well-known for you, I’ve recently heard of a conspiracy theory about a government program called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which posits that a scientific program at the Univ. of Alaska designed to study northen lights phenomena is actually part of a larger program to influence the weather, create targeted earthquakes and perhaps lead to mind control.See details at [external link] some of the conspiracy stuff about it, see: [external link] ‘oq=haa…The HAARP FAQ page addresses some of the military/weather control concerns at: [external link] ……but of course no conspiracy theorist would buy that, would they?You might also be interested in the book “Conspiracy Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories,” which may be at your local library: [external link] …The link will show you libraries in your area that own it. Your library could also borrow a copy for you from another library.Naturally, there are tons of websites about various theories. This one looked like a nice overview: [external link] …Hope this is helpful!–Bill PardueArlington Heights Memorial LibraryLibrarians–Ask Us, We Answer!Find your local library at [external link]

  2. amazement says:

    NWO (new world order)-in a nutshell, the rich banksters and corporations want to stay rich and keep the bloodline going… no matter what. This can be divided into countless sections regarding military, politics, medicine, etc…Here are a few sub cataglories for NWO. 1. Flouride in the water. This I find especially irritating considering the effects of flouride on the human body after many years of ingestion. An interesting fact is that the Nazis were the first to utilize flouride in public water supplies. You think their main concern was the peoples’ teeth?2. Bohemian Grove/ Skull & Bones, etc… Basically world leader coming together to sacrifice bodies and what not, pretty disturbing ****.3. Bilderberg Group, world leaders coming together to plan the “future” of the world.4. One world government (which is what the people behind the NWO want) They want this so they can manipulate and control society more easily. They want to unite everything but at the same time create different groups for people. These groups are based on religion, race, culture, nationality, political views, etc…5. You can talk about the middle east, especially Libya. Do some research on Gadaffi and the golden dinar and the effects this would have had on western society. Why do you think they went to Libya? For the people? Hah.Heres another idea completely different from the NWO but still interesting. The theory that once ago, thousands of years ago, the earth was visited by aliens. Barbaric Humans percieved them as their superiors and called them their “Gods”. Hence the start of pagan worship. Take note that the Greeks and Vikings/ Norse had Gods that were very similar. These similarities can be found amongst many religions. Depending on your grade or year these might be a shock to your teacher and classmates or vivid memory of something they found out years ago. In grade9 (my grade) people dont believe me when I talk about **** like this. And if you need some inspiration i suggest listening to this rapper “Immortal Technique”. Best of Luck Bro!

  3. unitedness says:

    1)antichrist is to be from israel. antichrist resembles the saw movie jigsaw puppet with gloves. haven’t you seen the “saw” movie? whoever worships jigsaw goes to hell. 2)mark of the beast is the evil new world order green electronic 666 tattoo. haven’t you seen the “in time” movie? the movie’s tattoo is just numbers, while the real tattoo is three sixes. this tattoo is given by lasers when people stretch their hands to receive the new small grey world passport. whoever receives the evil tattoo will not be forgiven. whoever gets chipped is easily tracked to get lasered. so, avoid getting lasered by not getting chipped. 3)demons will invite people to healed in their ufo ships. whoever goes in, comes out a spiritual zombie. demons have 4 ufo bases: moon, mountain kailas in tibet, lake baikal in russia, and mariana trench in pacific ocean (atlantis is here).

  4. togated says:

    Haha, the russian one sounds like it was taken straight out of Call of Duty.I would go with the Lincoln Assassination, people may know about it, but it’s not that popular. Anything with the Nazis is fun and you could look back into history, I’m sure a few will pop up.As for the lincoln one, it is said certain roads and bridges were shut down, aiding the escape of Booth (guy who murdered Lincoln) and that a mysterious doctor helped him. You never know ;3