Biology Related Short Essay Questions?

I have a take-home science test that's "open-life" as my teacher put it (meaning you can use your book, internet, people etc.) I've figured out most of the stuff but the last two questions actually require you to think and frankly, as I am on winter break, my brain doesn't want to think about anything except sleeping in and partying. If you would be so kind to aid me, I would be most grateful. That said, the questions are as follows: 1) suppose you are a scientist trying to help people who cannot produce an enzyme needed for proper digestion. How could you use genetic engineering techniques to make transformed bacteria that produce the enzyme? 2) Today, people who have hemophilia can be treated by receiving injections of normal clotting proteins. How would gene therapy be more beneficial? Describe the general procedure that would be used.

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  1. astrophysicists says:

    Bacteria are typically transformed by inserting a plasmid into their genome. A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA and usually, the entire genome of a bacteria is a single plasmid. In order to create transformed bacteria that produce the enzyme, you would need to insert a gene into the bacteria that codes for the protein (all enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes.) This is usually accomplished by using a bacteriophage ( [external link] … to insert the plasmid into the bacteria’s genome. Viruses genetically modify anything they infect (including humans), it’s how they work. Gene therapy would be more beneficial for people with hemophilia as it would allow the patient to produce the proteins they need naturally without having to receive them from an injection. Hemophilia is a genetic, sex-linked disease that causes people to produce a faulty enzyme that inhibits the clotting of blood. Gene therapy ( [external link] … is the altering of a person’s genotype in order to replace/ delete a faulty gene. Through gene therapy, in theory (gene therapy is a controversial process that is used but not mainstream yet), a person’s genotype (genome) can be altered and the defective gene that codes for the defective enzyme replaced.