Can anyone give me a brief answer to this essay question?

I have an essay in science and i was wondering if i could get some help with this answer. The question is, "Find a connecting link between rocks, water, and air. Explain the link using both words and pictures. Be specific!" anything that would help will be great! Thanks a lot!

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  1. uberty says:

    good 4 u haratio!i wont do his homework either, but i will b a little more specific on the search…the link below decribes a link. good old wiki p.heres a 2nd good 1 (i always get curious..luv 2 learn)

  2. phinizy says:

    I won’t do your assignment for you by providing you with all the answers. But I will guide you how to find the answers you seek.Go to Google.comType SEDIMENTARY ROCKS in the search box.Click on the Search button.Visit the web site links that appear to discover how rocks, water and air interact with each other.