Conclusion for shoplifting essay please?

I have done most of my essay now. Its about a 17 year old rebellious teenager who steals clothes for fun with a friend while her parents are on holiday. She is supposed to do her leaving cert in one week but she gets caught and is arrested with her friend. now she is in the cell reflecting on her life and promising that she will change into a better person....I just need an ending to it and i cant find the right words/sentences. Some help would be very appreciated.thank you

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  1. fashionable says:

    So..when she`s released from prison..she gets home to find that someone has broken into her home how does she feel about thieves !?

  2. abides says:

    Actions speak louder than words, she gives away all of her stolen clothes to the homeless. In a world of give and take, those who take more than they give are selfish.This isn’t a conclusion paragraph, but just thoughts. I had a friend who was a klepto and this is something she did before she joined the Peace Corp.It’s okay to be young and carefree, but not when the price of it is your morality and freedom. What’s done is done, it’s what you do afterward is what makes the difference.

  3. Gokuraku says:

    Not having read your essay, writing a conclusion for you is difficult, to say the least.But, I hope you conclude with something related to “Crime doesn’t pay.”The rebellious teen needs to think about “why she needed to steal?” She should think how stupidity leads to self-destruction, and her future is now in doubt.How many people did her thievery hurt? Not just her own life, but her parents, and all those who loved her, or someday in future may want to love her.Would she be able to marry a “good husband” and raise children like other young people?Having a criminal record following her around, will be difficult to deal with. What if her children found out? Even if the court is lenient and grants probation, at age 17, the “felony” remains part of her permanent record, open to public view.What employer would hire someone who is a felon? Changing AFTER being caught is not an option. Her future is sort of already ruined.That’s why “crime doesn’t pay”, unless you are a loser anyway.