Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?

its for an essay...

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8 Answers to “Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?”

  1. scolopendroid says:

    Does the US know that China can put chairman Mao on the US dollar bill since the US owes China so much money?

  2. desensitizes says:

    No we are not a toy of america! We are an independent, strong and beautiful country! We believe in peace keeping and an healthy enviornment! We have our own ways of life, our own history and our own culture! We speak French and English! We have a great impact on the world! We help many contries! We are not American We Are Canadian!

  3. humors says:

    Well considering we refused to follow the States into Iraq makes it clear we are no toy of theirs.

  4. coppernose says:

    You’re gonna love this.On the other side of the world (Australia, New Zealand) we think you guys are way classier than Americans.We think of your country as clean, green and progressive thinking.We know you honour your French ancestry and English inputWe know you are major contributors in terms of keeping the planet safe and green.We know you have some of the best ski slopes in the worldWe know the other stuff …. bears; moose; inuit cultureand we LOVED Northern Exposure!Hell no, Canada is a big, strong, brave nation.And you’re pretty much admired for it.

  5. drseuss says:

    Canada is a great country. with a great medical system ( not like in the USA where, if you get sick,,, GOD help you, because the medical system won’t, unless you pay some insurance company your life savings) People in Canada accept other people of different origins more easily than the USA. The country has beauty beyond compare, from rolling hills in the east to majestic mountains in the west. I could go on for hours but YOU are writing the essay not me.

  6. kudzu says:

    Sadly, I think many Americans think that. Ask people from any other country in the world which they prefer. The answer nine times out of ten will be Canada. Higher standard of living, a fair health system, great education for all, accepts people of all sexual orientation and gives them equal benefits, abundant natural resources, awesome culture that takes a little bit from all our people no matter where they originated. We have an excellent Military, who’s focus is on peacekeeping not making war. We have a diverse landscape, beautiful modern cities, quaint, historical small towns, people who welcome you with open arms, not loaded guns. The US would be nowhere without Canada. Who cleans up the messes you make in other countries after you storm in with your shock and awe foreign policies? Who supplies your Hydro to New York, Minnesota, Washington and New England? Where do you export your lumber from? The list goes on and on…..Canada is my home, and I would never want to live anywhere else…..

  7. scheme's says:

    a sex toy, oo riiiight. im jkbut to be honest, no country is a toy to the U.S. MAYBE Japan, for the fact that they have no real army due to the events that took place during ww2. But Canada is just a neighbor.

  8. overviolent says:

    Thank you justjan