How do i get my essay published in the newspaper?

I've been given an assignment at school to pick an issue in Canada and write a 250 word essay on it. He said if we get the essay published in the newpaper we'd automatically get 100%. How do I get it published and could you give me some ideas on some issues?

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  1. polychromate says:

    Pick an issue that means something to you and be sure to use supporting detail when you write about it. Should the NHL allow heated blades on skates? Would you rather watch a Canadian TV show or a U.S. show? Should Canada have troops in Afghanistan?Send your essay to a small, community newspaper. Smaller papers are more likely to publish outside contributions.Good luck.

  2. tunic's says:

    omg i won this LAPD contest and the essay had to be 250 words or less and i was 1 of the 10 kids who won out of 796, all u have to do is think really hard……pick the most inturesting issuse that is what i did