I have a 9 page essay that has 3 primary sources and 6 secondary sources to add in how do i make a work cited?

----------------------------------------…For a book: Author’s last name, author’s first name. Title underlined. Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication. Example: Kleinzahler, August. Earthquake Weather. New York: Moyer Bell Limited, 1989. Example with more than one author: Ture, Kwame, and Charles V. Hamilton. Black Power - The Politics of Liberation. New York: Vintage Press, 1967.Example with an editor (for a book with multiple authors): Chan, Wing-Tsit ed. A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1963.Example with more than one editor:Sangari, Kumkum, and Sudesh Vaid, eds. Recasting Women - Essays in Indian Colonial History. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1989.--------------------------------------…For an encyclopedia or dictionary: "Article Title." Encyclopedia/Dictionary Name. Date.Example:"France." Encyclopedia Americana. 1998.--------------------------------------…For an article (from a magazine or a newspaper): Author’s last name, author’s first name. "Title in quotes." Publication’s name underlined Date of publication: Pages. Example: Singer, Mark. "Profiles (Errol Morris)." The New Yorker 16 Feb. 1989: 38-72. --------------------------------------…For an internet source: Note: leave out the author’s name and the article name if they are not available. To get the title of the web site, try to find the root page for the entire site. This is also called the home page for that site. This is the most basic page, from which all of the other pages of the site branch off.Author’s last name, author’s first name. "Title of specific page in quotes." Title of web site underlined. Date accessed. Available www.whatever.the.url.address.is.com/page… Example: Tel. "Why are territory points better than capture points?" Tel’s Go Notes. 24 Feb. 2000. Available www.telgo.com.

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3 Answers to “I have a 9 page essay that has 3 primary sources and 6 secondary sources to add in how do i make a work cited?”

  1. bandaging says:

    go to easybib.com It is amazing! Just enter in the information and it will format it all for you :)

  2. MEL says:

    go to citationmachine.com or search for one on the web. or if you want the one were you do the quote thing, you put what the author said in quotes and then put the webpage’s basic name or page number or author name and then a period.

  3. unhesitating says:

    Do a google search on bibliographies.Theres certain procedures to do it.