Is there a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format?

I'm looking for a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format. I'm almost positive I had such a program on my computer but lost it in a recent reformat. Any ideas?

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7 Answers to “Is there a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format?”

  1. VTech's says:

    You can use Office 2010 online for free unlimited use. There is nothing to buy and nothing to load on your computer. The files are store on an online server. Then you can download the file to your computer when you finish so that you can send to the prof. All you need is a hotmail or livemail account.It’s here. Log in, click the “Office” link, and you’re ready to start using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or OneNote [external link] …

  2. premierjus says:

    Not sure if this is what you mean, but you could always use google docs. This let’s you upload you file onto your google account, and then view/ download it at a later stage. Or you could email it to him/ her?

  3. vacouf says:

    Try “OpenOffice” it will give you an option to save a MicroSoft Office formats and it’s free.

  4. superbias says:

    Abiword [external link] Open Office and its fork, which I list first because I use it and find it faster than OpenOffice. [external link]

  5. apertus says:

    Open Office is free and compatible with Microsoft Word. [external link] …

  6. unenjoying says:

    If you want a free word processor with a very modern interface, and also creates MS compatible documents, try this website: [external link] .

  7. vociferant says:

    Write it on Google Docs. Download it to your computer as a .doc file. Email it to your professor. (You can['t upload it to a site unless you have a site or you want to put it on a public site or want to get involved with passwording, etc.)Open Office [external link] will create and edit Word documents. It’s free.