My first snake and its about feeding?

i made a post before hand [external link] …i had a few other things to add to the post after it but was unable to. as it says resolved, if any one can click the link and look that would be great if not i will add it in hereThis is my snakes feed chart31/7 1 fuzz 7/8 fuzz x2 14/8 sm x2 21/8 sm x2 28/8 mm 1 3/9 mm 1 10/9 mm i got him on the 15/9 and got him in his new home, i thought i would see if he want a mouse and he took it right away. i jumped a bit at the speed he moved and how fast he took it as i thought it would be a pain to get him/her to eat. i was wrong,i was told in my last post that i should move him/her on to rats. well small ones so its essayer to move him/her on to big rats later on when its older and bigger. i would like to know if it would be ok to use up the 9 mouse i have left then get rats or should i get them when i have 2 mm left and get the rats then so if he/she wont take them i will be able to feed it the mm.The other thing i would like to find out is if he took it after 5 days and just sat there looking at me with his head in the air does that mean he wants some more? after the mouse was eaton and it had moved down his body he sat and just looked up at me if to say can i have some more please I don't want to over geed the snake so not sure what to do.

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3 Answers to “My first snake and its about feeding?”

  1. gyrolith says:

    Hello Again! hahaI’d say use up the mice you have. No need to waste money. Then once you done with the mice you have in stock, transfer him over to rats. With his feeding response and with him being a young ball python; there shouldn’t be a reason why he wouldn’t take to rats. When it comes to feeding to much; you really can’t make a snake over weight when they are young. It is possible for them to get obese as adults. I’ve seen mature females overweight because 1) they too have great feed responses 2) there owners feed them all the time and 3) they never got out of there enclose and just laid around. Why did the owners do that? Well they want to make there female big enough to breed (1500+ grams) and they will “power feed” there snake so it gets as big as possible in a shot time. It’s pretty much impossible to feed a young ball python enough for them to get over weight, so don’t worry about that. You also might wonder how you can tell if a ball python gets obese. Well if you look at your snake, you will see scales overlap each other and he will have some good girth, showing he’s not underweight. An overweight one will have there scales stretched out and they wont overlap. You can see this certain times when they are pregnant, ate a large meal, or coiled up (they scales flex). But if they are stretched out all the time, regardless.. then you have a fatty for a snake. With that said, that brings me to letting you know that if your snake is hungry he’ll eat. If not, well then he wont. Keep him on a schedule 1 mouse/rat every week or 2 a week. What ever works for you, your budget, and what he seems to like. I personally have a different schedule for each of my snakes. Some examples include:My Female Fire: 1 small rat every day for 3 days. 4-5 days off and then back on for 3 days.My female pastel: 2 jumbo mice every week/week and a halfFemale Mojave: 1 small rat every other day or every 2 days for a week. then 4-5 days off feed. These are some examples how different each snake is with there feeding. I found what prey item works for them (even though I wish they were all on rats) and the schedule they can handle while keeping them healthy.

  2. pulleys says:

    normally a snake only needs 1/3 of its body weight in feed per month. it is better to feed smaller so your snake does not become lethargic and want to just lay around digesting. the snake will only eat when it is hungry. If you put a mouse in and he is not interested in it in the first 5 minutes, take it back out. I have a python and at times he gets 2 mice at a time

  3. flame says:

    if you are seeing a snake expert at the weekend, like tomorrow, ask about the feeding schedule, if snake is still growing makes sense it will want more food a tummy space gets bigger, yeah?