What effect does the arts and entertainment industry have on the national economy?

Im writing an essay on the above topic but im getting myself all confused. Another persons view would be great.Cheers!

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4 Answers to “What effect does the arts and entertainment industry have on the national economy?”

  1. corrosiveness says:

    Well they would in generally raise the economy (GDP). They cause jobs and products that makes the country money. Unless they have a special actors minim wage that would cause a surplus of actors who want to act but can’t. ect..

  2. forehandedly says:

    its really great but can you send your essay

  3. recolors says:

    It brings in tourists, notably big spending Americans and Japanese, who love to go to the theatre. The revenue taken at the box office, hotel accommodation, restaurants etc, is considerable. It is known as an invisible export. Invisible because there is no tangible item purchased. Instead the tourist has paid money to be entertained, to have a nights sleep, and to be fed.Log in Invisible exports into Google.

  4. orgasmo says:

    Well, it should mean all sorts of tax collecting for government. Some of that tax revenue will be used for the good of the people. Music live entertainment sometimes influences fashion. The young want to dress and look like their idols. Entertainers that have a lot of stress buy more liquor and drugs. They might then cost insurances more when they fall ill. They will make pharmacies rich to start with.