What is the best age to become a novelist’screenwriter and how to publish it?

I am 18 years old, and i always was good in Essay writing at high school, and even i've got highest score on writing section of TOEFL IBT on ten's form. I dont know why but when it came to make a story or write a screenwriting i was the fastest to make it. And that is why i value it as a Talent.I want to publish one of my book/novel. and i wanted to ask how it happens? Like how did Stephanie Meyer published Twilight? and what is the best age to be a NOVELIST and Screenwriter?Thanks ALL

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  1. anthracite says:

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  2. upspout says:

    there’s no perfect ageIt’s when you have the talent to do it, the time to put the effort in, and get accepted by a publisherMy son has had 2 books publsihed and he’s only 25

  3. redoubts says:

    No perfect age. You’ll keep getting better throughout your life so just keep going and enjoy the ride!

  4. inoculant says:

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  5. snowbreak says:

    Most authors get themselves a literary agent. You can search the internet for agents in your area and apply to them by sending them an exposée (sort of summary), an extract and a CV of yourself. Send it to multiple agents, because it’s hard to get anyone to accept you. If one does accept you, you’ll sign a contract with them, they’ll have your book edited and appoint it to publishers. This is the best way to go about it, however the hardest and most time-consuming. You’ll have to wait for weeks until you get a response (if at all), but you shouldn’t be too disappointed if you get rejections. That’s normal. It’s the best way, because most great publishers won’t even look at your manuscript if it hasn’t been appointed by an agent, and because agents don’t only help you get publishers, but also in many other ways that have to do with your writing.Some people also skip the agent part and apply directly to publishers. The process is the same (send them exposée, draft and CV; wait for them to answer), but, as pointed out before, it’s more difficult.Third way would be self-publishing through BoD (Books on Demand). That way your book will certainly be published, but available only through the internet and you’ll have to pay for editing, printig, layout, etc.Fourth way would be self-publishing as e-book (for example on eBay or Amazon). I don’t know much about this, because I’ve never done it, but I’m told it’s quite expensive and complicated, thus I wouldn’t advice this option.You can also publish it in pieces in literary magazines, etc. About this, I’m afraid, I don’t know much either, since I’ve never done it.Personally, I went about it the first way, thus with agent. It worked out perfectly for me. Steph Meyer did, as far as I know, also do it with an agent.There’s now “best age” for authors. The best moment is when your writing is next to perfect. It’s not like with models where you’ve only got time in between 15-25. Anyone (no matter the age) can become a writer, as long as they’re good at writing and willing to work hard for it.If you need any more details or help, I’ll gladly offer it. Just email me.Best of luck!