Geoffrey canada’s main argument in fist stick knife gun?

I am doing an essay on the author of Fist stick knife gun's main arguement. I was wondering if it would be that you must have heart in order to survive life. or that the government needs to do more to protect minority children. I'm not sure

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One Answer to “Geoffrey canada’s main argument in fist stick knife gun?”

  1. trilophodont says:

    I think its about the government needing to do more to protect children.In the end of the book that’s what he mostly talks about, like when he says he wants all the politicians to look into the eyes of the helpless 5 year old on the street. (I believe that part is on one of the last few pages.)His main purpose is to prevent children from being dragged into the evil clutches of violence in the inner cities, so he wants other people to take part in that themselves.That’s the main message in the book.