How do I write a Dbq paper?

I’m really confused on how to write a whole dbq essay. I know that I’m supposed to start with a thesis but I don’t know how to create it. I get a lot of good ideas on what to put inside the paper but I don’t express my ideas the right way. Can someone break it down to me Thanks in advance

Is there a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format?

I’m looking for a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format. I’m almost positive I had such a program on my computer but lost it in a recent reformat. Any ideas?

Need help on Essay?

I wanted to write about Muslims and trying to start the paragraph off as a narrative opening. Any ideas? Something along the lines of being (at an airport, feeling nervous about getting on a plane with Muslims.. This paper will be about stereotyping them. Thanks in advance! Best answer get the 10 points!

Geez, what is up with online translators these days?

I tried to translate an essay about computers crashing into russian, but it totally failed. (It’s long, but it’s funny)Zdravstvulte! , My name is Ashle. I am going to say why the broken computers today to them. Computers broken for a pile of different reasons. Sometimes the equipment is broken because what must run too many programs. of the window of its dormitory. This is for killing its computer and it will give the sensation him of intense party. If you have too many programs that are executed after, next, the overload equipment and that broken and had been burned. So Sometimes the equipment is broken because they have a virus, Trojan horse, or perhaps some spyware or malware in the system. These types of Gunk in the equipment rvut far from all archives and kill their equipment completely. If the battery of the equipment. If the equipment in himself, became before it broke itself, then perhaps you would have to consider the possibility of chucking his equipment Another option that people “blue screen of the death” that when the blue screen to smell until after to be written in the form of TWO after its equipment is broken. udachliveyshi you, you can obtain after I recorded stops around 200 dollars. What you must make when the equipment is broken and burning fire? Good, first of all, it must turn its equipment through maintaining pressed a key of the force. If it does not work and the equipment is the fat and, next, after it solved that it waited for and it took his time, Sweet extinguished, the disabled ones or less was a violent one, simply to clear the motherboard of the computer “action” and to sell it in eBay. This is on the verge of being illegal, nevertheless, and a pile of precautions must be taken to carry out this operation. Prepárate to see the responsibilities of poruchaya camouflage and publicity. In the end, to decide that to do when the equipment breaks everything to you. Chicken is outside the window? By all means. To sell in eBay? . Like as long as you s computer or computer problem, feels it frees to do it wishes it.

If htis was the first paragraph of an essay?

I saw the lights through the window and I automatically smiled. Then the knock on the door came and my heart was beating one hundred miles a second. He came in and looked at me with a smile and his big blue dreamy perfect eyes. I stared at him and I didn’t blink because I didn’t want to want to miss a second of being able to stare into his eyes. He came in and sat in the floor by Scott and the room seemed to be absolutely perfect just because he was there.Would it make you want to read it?

Essay help italic or underlines?

have to write an essay about o brother where art thou? how it has allusions to homers epic the odyssey. the the odyssey be italic or underlined?

Type of dance for school project?

I have a project for school which involves picking a type of dance, writing an essay (on its history, influences on culture, etc) and for bonus marks, dancing for the class.Can you give me any ideas on which type of dance I should pick? I want to do the bonus segment (because you can’t get a very high grade without it) but I’m very shy and not a dancer.Are there any dance styles with a bunch of history AND simple positions/moves that I can just quickly do? And any advice on how not to be nervous?

How was Trotsky important in the Bolsheviks gaining power in 1917?

I need examples and explanations of ways he was key to the party gaining power for a history essay.

Can anyone give me a brief answer to this essay question?

I have an essay in science and i was wondering if i could get some help with this answer. The question is, “Find a connecting link between rocks, water, and air. Explain the link using both words and pictures. Be specific!” anything that would help will be great! Thanks a lot!

Question for people who have ready Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture”?

I am doing an essay on this book, but i need the page number to a certain quote. I can’t find it anywhere so if you can remember like the chapter, page, or general spot of this quote I’d be very happy.”We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”