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Is alcohol still banned in football grounds? Also can i still get a 1 year passport ?

I am doing an essay on sports tourism and need to know if alcohol is banned in British footballgrounds? If so how long has it been banned? if not was it ever banned and how long was it banned for? Also i want to know if people can still get 1 year passport, someone told […]

Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?

i am trying to become a councelor and i have to write an essay on Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?.. can someone help me please im stuck User tags:I need a thesis statement about being a drug counselor

How Would You Say Alcohol Helps You Appreciate The World Around You?

So, the real reason for my question is that I found this one dude’s brilliant essay a while back about how alcohol makes you slow down and appreciate the subtle intricacies of life that you might otherwise fly right past (alcohol, in a reasonable degree of moderation, I mean). And I absolutely cannot find it, […]

Can you review my thesis: Marijuana and alcohol has a similar yet different effect on young adults.?

I am writing a comparison and contrast essay on marijuana and alcohol.. the part where the effect comes in is because my professor wants us to show the effect it has on society. Thanks for the help.

Does Will Smith drink alcohol at any point in I Am Legend?

I have to write an essay comparing the book to the movie. This is one of the details I can’t seem to remember.

Thesis help? Please “Teens shouldnt drink alcohol “?

Thesis help? Please “Teens shouldnt drink alcohol “?Hi, for my persuasive essay I am writing about “Teenagers shouldn’t drink underage” My topics are going to be the ;dangerous affects why teens do it in the first place.being take advantage of [doing stupid things]and the risks of drunk driving..any thesis ideas? and If I’m writing a […]

Essay on drugs and alcohol?

Im writing a essay on drugs and alcohol and why i say no to them. I dont know how to start off my introduction does anyone have some ideas?