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What is a good commercial to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis essay critiqing the persuasive tecniques used?

ethos, pathos, and/or logoscritiqing the commercial’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.Thank you!And please send a link to the commercial if you have one.

Power in International Relations and the Levels of Analysis problem…?

I have a test coming up, and my teacher said the main essay question is going to based on our last 3 topics (the rise of China + international relations theory, Cold War Realism + The Cuban Missile Crisis, and Civil Military Relations and Democracy). – Basically the question is going to be based on […]

Literary analysis on the techniques used…still HELP!?

The techniques used to write the novel.So like, would it be, tone, theme, foreshadowing.And if I was to do an analysis essay on it, how many would I have to pick?

Where can I find a critical analysis of Graham Greene’s “The end of the affair”?

I’m doing a research paper and I am having a hard time finding critical essays on this book. My teacher said others had done the book and agreed that it was hard to find this information. If you’ve taught this book or have done a paper on it, please help me find a source. I’ve […]

Stages for a critical analysis essay..?!?

A critical analysis is critiquing another authors work-not taking a position on content or topic, but rather examining the performance-execution of words, effectiveness as a writer, weight of their point-how they support it, & the strengths + weaknesses.I was given an assignment, & I have to prepare for a final tommorow. I’ll have 90 mins […]

Good ideas for a thesis for an essay based on the literary analysis of science fiction literature in general?

Just shoot out some ideas for a thesis, looking for suggestions.

Essays and analysis and historical context of jean genet the balcony?

another dumbass ? what r u asking?

The Catcher In the Rye character analysis essay?

I need to write a character analysis essay. The prompt is….After Holden realizes that he cannot be the”catcher in the rye” explain how his experiences help him reach a new understanding about coping in an imperfect world. User tags:how to write a essay about characters in the catcher in the rye

Where could I find analysis essays on simon and garfunkel songs?

Could someone tell me where i could find analysis essays on simon and garfunkel songs? Or protest songs in general?

Quote analysis for a paper on 1984 By George Orwell..You Don’t have to have read the book just please help me?

okay im writing a paper on 1984 by george orwell’s 1984. this is what i have so far… “Privacy is not something that we are entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite” -Marlon Brando. Everyday privacy is dwindling, because everyday things are developed that break down more and more walls of confidentiality. Big Brother is an […]