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Can anyone give me a brief answer to this essay question?

I have an essay in science and i was wondering if i could get some help with this answer. The question is, “Find a connecting link between rocks, water, and air. Explain the link using both words and pictures. Be specific!” anything that would help will be great! Thanks a lot!

Can you answer some questions for me?

I have an essay for a class i’m taking to do and I don’t have much time because I want to finish the rest of my assignments today. I need someone to answer these questions as if they were a manager at McDonald’s. Yea, I know, weird, but I can’t go to McDonald’s! So thanks […]

World War II Leader essay help!10 points best answer!?

I have to wirte an essay that explains how either Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated or failed to demonstrate the two leadership qualities that im suppoed to choose.(With exmaples that explain why you chose them!) Anyone give me ideas?I’ll wirte them into a paragraph! The leadership qualities you can choose from are:intelligencecommunicatorambitionorganizational abilitiesmilitary experienceexecutive […]

Would using an idea from an answer be considered plagiarism?

I asked a question for an idea on an attention getter for my essay. If i used the attention getter they gave me would that plagiarizing? could i get in trouble for that?

Would anyone mind correcting my essay..I’ll choose best answer a.s.a.p 10pts!?

As a child my family always loved watching soccer. I remember the sunny Saturday afternoons when my parents would sit on their favorite black fluffy couch in eager anticipation as they waited for the first half to begin. My parents were enthralled watching this sport, but to me it was nothing but a handful of […]

Has anyone read the book “THE GIVER” by Louis Lowry if so Please answer the question below. 10 POINTS !?

INTRO: We just finished reading the book “THE GIVER”. Now we are playing with the theme of the book. [Sameness versus Diversity].The Essay Question is:Compare and Contrast Jonas’ world with your own. What kinds of things did Jonas community give up? What kinds of things did they gain control of? Do you think they were […]

Please answer this question in essay format about Darwinian natural selection? ?

” Icky Wicky” is a hypothetical species of mammal that lives in the tropical jungle of south America Icky Wicky has a nose that measure 6 inches in length. But fossil evident had shown that icky Wicky extinct ancestors had a nose that measured only one each in length. In accordance with the laws of […]

PLEASE ANSWER! how are the theological and Cardinal virtues practiced today?

I need to know soon and yes Ive tryed searching but I really cant find anything! please help its an essay and its due tomorrow .Ive already wrote what they are (intro) but I dont know how people practiceit today….thx a tons ! :]

What is Scott Sanders answer to How should a man look at a women?

In my English class we are studying Human Nature, and one of the essay’s we are reading is Looking At Women by Scott Russell Sanders. And I understand what he is saying about how men look at women, but im not quite sure to his answer to “How should a man look at a woman?” […]


HELLPPP! i am in world history and we are having our final tomorrow!Choose two religions studied in class this year, discuss the basic beliefs of each and explain how the members of each religion have acted to unify or cause conflict in society.When examining the history of the worlds various regions, it appears that the […]