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Can anyone give me a brief answer to this essay question?

I have an essay in science and i was wondering if i could get some help with this answer. The question is, “Find a connecting link between rocks, water, and air. Explain the link using both words and pictures. Be specific!” anything that would help will be great! Thanks a lot!

Has anyone done work experience at a newspaper?

I want to do my work experience at the Herald Sun or at the Leader Newspaper. However, they require an essay of around 600 words. I have never written an article and would like to see an article that someone else wrote to get this position. Please post your articles.

Does anyone have SOLID proof that human evolution from other primates is true? I need to convince someone.?

I know someone who says that humans did not evolve from other animals but does believe in evolution in general, so can someone please go find solid proof of that being true/untrue? I’d like to just like to have some link to an article, essay, etc.

Anyone know how to start dispute process against education institute John Adams Virtual School?

I completed my tests and essays for this school and now i tried enrolling in school tried about 4 private and traditional schools, and none will take my HS diploma, id like to dispute this yet i dont know who to contact about this.Its really not fair, i feel like sh***

Would anyone like to write a three minute speech for me on things that annoy you?

That may sound incredibly cheeky but ive got to do my essay and go too a wedding.I have to write a three minute speech on three things/people that annoy me (a minute each thing)Thanks in advance!

Would anyone mind correcting my essay..I’ll choose best answer a.s.a.p 10pts!?

As a child my family always loved watching soccer. I remember the sunny Saturday afternoons when my parents would sit on their favorite black fluffy couch in eager anticipation as they waited for the first half to begin. My parents were enthralled watching this sport, but to me it was nothing but a handful of […]

Has anyone read the book “THE GIVER” by Louis Lowry if so Please answer the question below. 10 POINTS !?

INTRO: We just finished reading the book “THE GIVER”. Now we are playing with the theme of the book. [Sameness versus Diversity].The Essay Question is:Compare and Contrast Jonas’ world with your own. What kinds of things did Jonas community give up? What kinds of things did they gain control of? Do you think they were […]

Does anyone know the author of a short essay called What Would Love Do?

I found a couple of links on the subject, but I’m not sure if they’re at all what you’re looking for. Here they are: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …Hopefully one of these links can help you. Good luck!

Does anyone know where i can get notes and quotes from for my romeo and juliet essay?

the essays title is “how does shakespeare create tension prior to act 1 scene five”please! i really need help!

HELP ! Anyone have a site to help me ?

People.. PLEASE HELP ME !I have FRENCH and its really hard. I have to read the book ‘Après l’orage…’ In french.. i don’t understand it at all.. does anyone know a site where you can get help understanding vocabulary or that sort of thing? I’m desperate cos i gotta read it by easter vacation and […]