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Geoffrey canada’s main argument in fist stick knife gun?

I am doing an essay on the author of Fist stick knife gun’s main arguement. I was wondering if it would be that you must have heart in order to survive life. or that the government needs to do more to protect minority children. I’m not sure

How can I write an argument essay on who should be allowed to immigrate?

I’m writing an essay giving an argument about what groups of people should be allowed to immigrate based on practical concerns. Should the US take the educated, the rich? How do I find examples, quotes and stats?

Doing an argument essay with John Donne’s quote “No man is an island”?

For my A.P Literature and Composition class our summer assignment was to do a 400 to 600 word essay about the quote “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” Because it is an argument essay I thought I would use a different approach to the quote, […]

Could someone please kindly edit my argument of inquiry essay for me?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone is free and kind enough to edit my essay for me? It is due tomorrow and I really need help. if you could please leave your email address and i will send it to you immediately. thank you!

I need help finding an argument for my essay? :S?

I am writing an argumentitive essay on the tsunami of dec, 2006. I have been trying to find arguments to go with this issue but i cant think of any others than ‘ it wasn’t handled properly in many areas’ anybody got any other ideas? it would be soo helpful (: Thank you

I need some evidence for my thesis for an argument essay?

So my thesis is: Although people sometimes deny their mistakes to protect their pride, it is best that they admit their wrong doings to improve their morality.I need help finding evidence on this. Some statistics or real life events or expert opinions would be nice. THank you!

I had an argument with my gay friend about my sexuality?

I was at school today (yes I am a 16 year old) and my mates were winding me up because I find… certain male assets repulsive. I patiently explained to my mates how “it wasn’t the job that bothered me it was the equipment that was used” (nice analogy even if I do say so […]

I need an essay from beth bailey. Page 369 of the book the informed argument 7th edition.?

Don’t slur your words and please use proper punctuation and capitalization in your question.You need an ess, say, from Beth Bailey’s book The Informed Argument” (7th edition, page 369).Why sweetie, that is quite simple. Just OPEN the book to page 369 and you will find plenty of esses on the page. Just look closer at […]

Argument persuasion thesis?

How can I make this into a thesis for my argument/persuasion essay “What are factors which are related to academic success in high-school students?”

Argument for essay: Why should Penelope stop waiting for Odysseus and choose a new suitor?

Personally-I love that she didn’t. She is the epitomy of the faithful and true heart.However-as the devil’s advocate…..She should choose a new suitor because:-the island kingdom needs stablizing and all those suitors were just sitting around draining the resources of the kingdom.The louts.- a father figure for her son( tho it would have made problems […]