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What is the difference between anciet athens and ancient sparta?

Please help and also if you can give me full information because i really need it for my history essay =(

Golden Age of athens? Thanks?

i need to know 3 things that happened during the golden age of athens because i have to write a thematic essay.

How was Athens a better city-state than Sparta?

For history we have to write an essay on which city state was better. I chose athens and my thesis so far is – “Athens was more superior to Sparta due to the Athenians having a better economy, a direct democracy, great values, and a more thorough education.”Can anyone give more reasons on how athens […]

Compare a vegetable/fruit with Greece (athens, sparta, or corinth?)?

I have to write an essay on comparing a fruit or a vegetable with a city of Greece (Athens, Corinth, or Sparta)? HELP!

To what extent is ‘The Apology’ merely an attack on conventional thought in late fifth century Athens?

not looking to cheat on my essay, just looking for some basic ideas any would be helpful because sometimes its hard to see more than one argument!

What were the strengths and weaknesses of Greek Athens?

i am doing an essay on the strengh and weaknesses of greak athensi know their strengths were that of democracy, military, culturebut can their pride which (they were overly prideful) and arrogancy be considered a weakness if not what could be? am having trouble finding their strengths/weaknesses. User tags:athens stengths

Could slaves in Athens own property?

I am trying to write a contrasting essay, and it’s not easy.