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Writing a college app. essay about being a middle child cant think of interesting attention getter!?

i have to turn in a college essay to my lit teacher that says to choose an experience in your life that illustrates a proverb or quote and i want to write about being a middle child but i cant think of attention getter that will captivate my reader i really need help so any […]

Do I have a chance at being accepted to Sacred Heart University?

I live in NY and I really want to go to Sacred Heart University in Conneticut. But do you think I can be accepted? My unweighted average is 92.93 and weighted it is 97.99. My rank is 63 out of 414 which my counselor says puts me in the Top 15% and SH requires Top […]

Why is my ex being so narcissistic?

Ok, so this is a bit of a long story but i shall fill you in…My boyfriend of two years broke up with me last October 10 days before my 19th birthday.He told me that he no longer felt ‘committed’ and no longer ‘loved me’…i asked him if there was another girl in the picture, […]

I need to write a literary essay on either The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Identical by Ellen Hopkins?

I need a thesis and three arguments for either one of these books, please post any comments or ideas:)

What is currently being done to TACKLE,CONTROL and RESTRICT POVERTY?

guys I need to do an essay about this, I hope you can give me some information thanks.

What are the benefits of being a Counseling Psychologist?

Hi! im doing an essay about Counseling Psychology and i need to know the benefits that come with it! thanks!

Does anyone have statistics on straight people being hired over gay people?

i have an essay due tomorrow so please please please help :/

Im writing an essay on the rewards of being a single mother need to see an example of an outline?

As a single mother I have to often remind myself of the rewards, given that every day is a struggle to just make it through.There are the rewards I think about:my children’s loveseeing them grow up to be responsible individualsseeing them show care and compassion towards othersseeing them stay out of troublehaving others tell me […]

Do you think young adults are being unfairly represented in the media for the recent road tolls and why?

I am doing an essay on this question and i just wanted to no what other people think!

Is this called being a jerk?

well me and my gf have been in a long distance relationship and we ve been together for over 2 years on her bday i made her cry because i was mad and i didnt listen to her and on our 2 year i was stressed about exams and she got mad at me for […]