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Is the word “Berliner” appropriate/formal for describing citizens of Berlin, Germany?

I know FDR (I think it was him) said it, but I’m not sure if it’s the official or accepted way of describing a citizen of the German capital of Berlin. Anyone know? I’ll be using this word for my English essay. Thanks!

What do you think of Berlin?

I`m a German student from Berlin and have to write an essay dealing with tourism in Berlin. So please tell about your impressions, experiences or about your idea of Berlin. Thanks for your comments

I need a thesis statement for an essay on the Cold War – specifically, the Berlin Airlift.?

The thesis has to support my essay, which is based on the position that the airlift was successful, and necessary.

The Berlin Olympics 1938 (Nazi time period)?

Hi i am doing a history essay and need some help with this topic, its on joseph geobbels and his part in the olympics, but all information baout it will help.Thank you

Good background music for Berlin Wall video essay?

well its more of a photo essay because it will primarily be pictures but i said video since that will also be included.but anyways what would be some good audio/music to have playing while the pictures in the video are shown, with the topic being the rise and fall of the berlin wall?