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What is the best age to become a novelist’screenwriter and how to publish it?

I am 18 years old, and i always was good in Essay writing at high school, and even i’ve got highest score on writing section of TOEFL IBT on ten’s form. I dont know why but when it came to make a story or write a screenwriting i was the fastest to make it. And […]

World War II Leader essay help!10 points best answer!?

I have to wirte an essay that explains how either Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated or failed to demonstrate the two leadership qualities that im suppoed to choose.(With exmaples that explain why you chose them!) Anyone give me ideas?I’ll wirte them into a paragraph! The leadership qualities you can choose from are:intelligencecommunicatorambitionorganizational abilitiesmilitary experienceexecutive […]

What is the best website for Free Online Essays?

They have to be 100% free, tried 123 help, looking for an essay “comparing online classes to campus classes” need one quick, thanks

Would anyone mind correcting my essay..I’ll choose best answer a.s.a.p 10pts!?

As a child my family always loved watching soccer. I remember the sunny Saturday afternoons when my parents would sit on their favorite black fluffy couch in eager anticipation as they waited for the first half to begin. My parents were enthralled watching this sport, but to me it was nothing but a handful of […]

Which desktop PC is the best?

I’m looking to buy a desktop PC. It needs to be under £500 and I need it for surfing the Internet, writing essays, storing music and pictures and playing the Sims 3.I’ve narrowed it down to the ones below, I would appreciate opinions on which one is the best – Thank you! [external link] ‘BV_EngineID=cccjadeidlfddehcflgceggdhhmdgml.0′page=Product’fm=null’sm=null’tm=null’sku=887247′category_oid=-35410 […]

What’s the best way to approach an essay prompt that is written as a Statement rather than as question?

I am going to have a test in political science tomorrow and the professor said that the essay will be harder than usual because the prompt will not be in regular question/compare/contrast type. Rather it is going to be like a statement that I need to build on myself. That means no specific instructions, requests, […]

What is the best way to plan for an english essay?

I have a big english essay coming up and I want to know whats the best way to prepare.

Best way of learning a essay in a foreign language?

i have a poetry essay to learn for my A2 irish. I need to be able to write it out word for word, does anybody have any ideas on how i learn it?

10 Points for BEST ANSWR!?

For an english essay, I need to compare between The Invisible Man and Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde…does anybody have any good ideas for comparison…or examples of thesis for these novel