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Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?

its for an essay…

What did Pierre Trudeau do for Canada that made him one of the most influential Canadian Prime Ministers?

Ok so i really struggle with history and i have a huge inclass essay on the three most influential Prime Ministers of Canada in the 20th century . They can be good influential or bad..but it has to be one or the other.I dont do good with reading large paragraphs,so point form or simplified would […]

How can we get rid of poverty in canada ? Psyhcology Essay?

plz rite an strong introduction , three supporting ideas , and conclusion ….. plz use these informatio to complete this essay .first idea — providing poverty programs .use this link … [external link] – tdsbpassword – home………….use as much information from this side …….use these sites too….second idea- child poverty in canada [external link] idea […]

To what extent should Canada provide refugee status to all people who request it?

i really need answers for my essay thats due tomorrow >:( helppp

In which instances did Canada provide assistance for Québec during a major crisis?

Hi, I am writing a historical essay about French-English Canadian relations, and I need some evidence to back up my thesis.I was wondering… Could anyone please briefly recall any specific instances in Canadian history when Québec needed (and received adequate) assistance from the federal government for a major crisis?Thank you very much.

What was the lasting legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau for Canada?

I need three reasons for an essay, thank you!

How good is bc bud in canada?

They say its the best? I heard in Cali people may bug it for $30 for 1 gram what about Toronto? After watching the “union” documentary on cannabis it said it could be doubled in price. Anyone know the exact pricing? Writing an essay on drug trafficking and legalization of weed. Thank you

Questions about OUAC (Canada)?

Does it cost money to apply via OUAC or does it depend on the universities I pick? Also, what documents do I need to give as an International Student other than all my transcripts, ID and English Proficiency documents?Do I need to include any letter of recommendation or an entrance essay or does this also […]

Why shouldn’t health care in Canada be the sole responsibility of the federal government.?

Consider the fact that Canada is a federalist country in which power is distributed between the national goverment and the provincial goverments. What are some good strong reasons why health care should stay the way it is in the hands of provincial governments. What is the down side of having health care in the hands […]

How should Canada respond to a nation that supports international terrorism?

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