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Is the word “Berliner” appropriate/formal for describing citizens of Berlin, Germany?

I know FDR (I think it was him) said it, but I’m not sure if it’s the official or accepted way of describing a citizen of the German capital of Berlin. Anyone know? I’ll be using this word for my English essay. Thanks!

Has anyone writen an essay on how computers assist in having citizens privacy stolen?

No. And I won’t do one to help you cheat either.

In the beginning of the 2008 film, the dark knight, were those police or citizens dressed up as batman?

im writing the essay in english and i was wondering if they were cops or citizens

On what basis should citizens give consent to and accept obligations from the state?

I need help with a question form my American Political Thought essay test and this is one question that I’m having trouble with.

Soviet Union citizens, from 198′s to present?

Im totaly lost and I have to write an essay on this so if you could provide some small examples as to what i could use to go into deeper detail about that would be great!PLEASE ONLY NICE ANSWERS!