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My college essay? can someone look at it?

I am going to apply to Virginia Tech early decision. The essay I am writing now is my free response 250 word limit. I was wondering if someone could take a quick look at it and see what needs work. I know it might not sound so good in terms of grammer/ sentence structure but […]

Why do you have to write an essay for college?

Also, what type of essay do you write about? Or do they give you a “prompt” to write about?

What advice can you give someone who is depressed because they cannot get into their dream college?

My nephew’s dream when he was in the 10th grade was to attend Columbia University in NYC. Unfortunately my nephew had the burden of living in a poor county where opportunity was limited and a county in which the public schools were in bad shape. Also he had limited exposure to intellectual people because honestly, […]

I need a grant to attend college where can I find one?

I am a single mom enrolled at OSU and I am desparatly needing some school funds where can I go online to find such a thing

College Admission Essay!?!?!? HELP!?

For my senior english class we have to write a college admissions essay. Im not sure how to start at all. I want to describe how i moved hundreds of miles away to start my freshman year at a whole new school. and how it shaped me into a strong, independent, and adaptable person. Any […]

Is it bad to use a bit of self-deprecating humor in a college application essay?

Well, in one part of my essay I’m writing about my great interest in religion and politics, and how I want to expand the confines of my mind once I leave home (basically), and I say in dashes, that I concede I’m bit wet behind the ears? I didn’t want to sound bombastic or arrogant, […]

How difficult is it to get into a QUALITY university via transferring from a community college?

I am currently a coming high school senior and there’s basically no point of me applying to a college cause i messed up so bad my junior and sophomore years. so i plan to go to a junior college and transfer. i have a few question to those people who have been successful with or […]

Writing a college app. essay about being a middle child cant think of interesting attention getter!?

i have to turn in a college essay to my lit teacher that says to choose an experience in your life that illustrates a proverb or quote and i want to write about being a middle child but i cant think of attention getter that will captivate my reader i really need help so any […]

Can someone give some feedback on my college admission essay?

As of right now, I stand at the crossroads between a well managed adolescent and hopes of leading a life of far greater significance than this part of the timelines allows. Even though with time decisions can make themselves apparent I am quite positive that I have spent the better part of my high school […]

Does this college essay sound sincere and from the heart?

There is something about belly dancing that is amazing to me. The first time I saw a live belly dancing show, I was mesmerized. I wanted to emulate the way the belly dancers made every hip lift and wrist circle, all the meanings behind each move; the way the coins on the hip wrap softly […]