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Writing a compare and contrast essay on “Mean Girls” and “Heathers”?

Any tips, suggestions, comments? Any idea how you would start an essay like this?Also, if you have seen these movies – what major themes would you say are similar in both films?Thanks, you are the best

Compare & Contrast Indian Culture in the 1950′s to American Culture currently?

I’m reading a book called Nectar In a Sieve, and in my essay, its asks if possible, compare and contrast Indian culture to our culture. This book takes place in the 1950s, so I’m assuming we compare and contrast India in the 1950s to our modern time today in America.

What’s a good book to write a compare and contrast essay on?

I need two books to read and to later write a compare and contrast essay on. I already chose my first book which is Oliver Twist and I need help choosing a second book. The second book has to be of a different author and has to be written from the Ancient Times to the […]

As Monsters, compare and contrast Tartuffe and Victor Frankenstein. What do they say about their culture?

This is the topic of my essay and I have no idea where to start. Please help!

I need to know how to write a Compare essay on two restaurant?

First eat at each restaurant – order the same meal at each, if possible. Record your impressions and then write your essay one step at a time basing your evaluations on cleanliness, service, food quality, atmosphere, condition of the restrooms, friendliness of staff, price and general satisfaction with your dining experience.

I am writing a compare and contrast essay on city life vs. country life?

i am writing a compare and contrast essay on city life vs. country life, and i am just baffled on how to start of my essay right now, i have just been sitting here stumped for quite a bit. Can anyone by chance give me any ideas on how to get started?

For a compare and contrast essay, what would be two good movies to compare?

I really like the movie “Speak” but tried to think of another movie to compare and contrast it to…Are there any suggestions?If you have two other movies, I am open to all suggestions.Thank you so much.

How do you end a compare and contrast essay? PLEASE HELP!?

hi i was wonering how to end a compare and contrast essay? im comparing and contrasting email and postal mail! please help its a major grade

Which two novels would be easiest to compare for an essay?

All Quiet on the Western Front and Catch-22 ?or All quiet on the Western Front and Slaughterhouse 5 ?

Compare the role of the state during the Maurice Duplesis era with that of the Quiet Revolution.?

I’m doing a history essay and need help on the statement above. Thank you!