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Why does a member of congress have great responsibility?

yea i just have to know for the essay i’m writing.

How would reducing the presidential and congress pay help reduce the national debt?

I’m doing an essay for my English class, and my topic is:”If you were placed in a position to reduce the national debt, what area would you cut?”I chose presidential pay. I kinda have an idea, but could someone help me elaborate on this and give me some ideas to back it up with?Thanks!

Current event examples of the investigatory powers of congress?

I’m writing an essay for my government class on the importance of the investigatory powers of congress, but I can’t think of any recent examples.Could anyone tell me about a current event where:1) congress gathered info. useful to legislation2) congress oversaw operations of the executive branch3) focused the public’s attention on a particular topic4) exposed […]

I need a dead congress man that has a heroic story about him and how he changed america for the good…?

i am doing an essay on a congressman that heroically changed america for the good. Please someone that is already dead! I get too much politics if they are alive.

How many years is it from the start of the French Revolution to the Congress of Vienna?

I’m writing an essay on the French Revolution and I want to write about some outside information… please help. Also sources would help.

Do u think its fair that congress is banning incandescent light bulbs?

i need ur opion…its for an essay