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A few Conspiracy theories?

We are doing an essay on conspiracy theory, and I want to do a really interesting one that not many know about. Here are some I know that aren’t known everywhere-Nazi’s had their own UFOsRussians have recently invented a ray gun that turns people into zombies (kind of known) When hospitals give/draw blood they insert […]

Conspiracy theories of JFK’s assasination?

I have to prepare for an essay, here’s my assignment:The Warren Commission investigated President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The commission ruled that the assassination was the plan a “lone man” – Lee Harvey Oswald. Many people do not believe the findings of the commission and thousands of conspiracy theories have developed over the years. Write […]

Why Is Brutus Necessary to the Conspiracy to Assassinate Julius Caesar?

I’m trying to write any essay and I need to know why Brutus is necessary to the conspiracy to kill Caesar. It would also help if you read The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Please answer quick, its getting late…:(